Tuesday, August 7, 2012


[Editor's Note: This post has been updated to reflect the correct distributor.]


"Automatically expands to 3 times its length, and contracts back to a small size in just seconds"
Watch this hose in action, and you'll know why it's so hot. It actually coils and un-coils itself! Thanks to its patent-pending design, it also won't tangle or kink. Sure to expand your summer sales.
Available from National Express & Media Enterprises

Monday, August 6, 2012

Boom Cube


"Pumpin' bass and quality sound in a one-inch sized speaker"
Mini-speakers for smart phones and music players have always been a staple retail item, but ever since the value-priced Music Bullet hit store shelves, the category has been on fire. This new addition to the line pushes portability to its limit while delivering suprisingly superior sound.
Available from IdeaVillage

My Pillow


"Guaranteed the most comfortable pillow you'll ever own -- or your money back"
The pillow category has been super hot in recent years with plenty of room for multiple products to each find solid success (e.g. Total Pillow, Sobakawa, Side Sleeper Pro). Now comes the one pillow to rule them all, an infomercial sensation that is blowing out despite its higher-than-average price tag.
Available from Telebrands

Wednesday, May 30, 2012



"Walk, stomp or jump and [they] pop to life"
Comfy, fun slippers that will have your customers eager to leave their shoes at the door and cash at your registers! Every time they stomp, stomp, stomp, out pops the face of a favorite plush character -- like the One-Eyed Monster, Be-Bop Bunny, Perky Puppy, Growlin’ Dragon and others. Colorful, soft and built to last! These slippers are a sure cure for boring slippers and sluggish sales.
Available from IdeaVillage

Perfect Tortilla


"The fast, easy way to shape, bake and create delicious tortilla bowls"
Mouth-watering demos show just how incredibly easy this item is to use, making it that much easier to sell. In just five minutes, you get perfectly shaped and baked tortilla bowls. Just place any tortilla in the bowl and pop it in the oven -- it’s that easy! Then fill with steak, peppers and onions for a fantastic fajita bowl. Or fill with lettuce, chicken and cheese for a tasty taco salad. Even ice cream tastes better in a crispy, crunchy tortilla shell! Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.
Available from Allstar

Bright Light Pillow


"24 LED lights provide soothing, perfect light for 15 minutes and then automatically shuts itself off"
Ideal for kids who are afraid of the dark or those that need a little extra coaxing to get into bed. Light colors automatically change from red to blue to white, to green and then yellow, creating a light show inside the pillow! LED lights are guaranteed never to give off heat or burn out. Super comfortable, super cool addition to any room, dorm or camp out. A bright idea for retailers looking for a stellar summer seller!
Available from IdeaVillage



"The professional body art that shines bright day and night"
Simply press on the stencil, apply the patented adhesive, brush in the glitter and then just go with the glow! Shimmer is perfect for ankles, wrists -- even faces and backs. Great for kids’ parties, special events or a night out. Delivers professional-looking body art without the professional price. Sure to add some sparkle to your summer sales.
Available from IdeaVillage

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finishing Touch Smile


"A whiter, brighter smile in as little as two days"
Just paint it on and stains are gone! The secret is the time-release gel that bonds to teeth, so it keeps whitening long after you brush it on. The special formula is a unique combination of bio-adhesive polymers that bond to teeth and quickly release hydrogen peroxide into tooth enamel for rapid whitening. Perfect for strong and sensitive teeth. Makes hard-to-use strips and uncomfortable trays a thing of the past. Easy to use, easy to carry and easy to sell.
Available from IdeaVillage

Aqua Rug


"The world's first carpet uniquely made for your shower or tub"
Featuring great demos and a 10-year guarantee, this innovative item steps up to the challenge of convincing consumers that this is last bath mat they’ll ever have to buy. Compression-proof fibers will never wear out while the slip-resistant backing requires no suction cups to stay put. Lies right over the drain. Soft, stain-resistant and great for your feet!
Available from IdeaVillage

Dream Lites


"Turn your child's bedroom ceiling into a starry night sky"
From the creators of Pillow Pets, this huggable, loveable nightlight helps alleviate a child’s fear of the dark. Simply press the button to project a starry sky on the ceiling and walls. Creates a magical and tranquil environment that helps kids ease into a restful sleep. A dream come true for retailers looking for a hot new item as the weather heats up.
Available from Ontel

Wednesday, February 8, 2012



"Clean your home in a quicky with the Schticky"
With a commercial that’s already gone viral on the Internet (1.2 million views and counting on YouTube alone), this one is sure to keep your sales 'rolling' throughout 2012. Pitchman Vince Offer brings new life to an old item with his entertaining approach. There are competitors, but this isn't the first time Vince has gone head-to-head. So far he's 2-0, having bested both Zorbeez (the competitor to ShamWow!) and Quick Chop (the competitor to Slap Chop) at retail and on TV.
Available from Emson USA

Strutz Sole Angels


"The human shock absorber that helps alleviate foot pain"
These clever shock absorbers relieve foot pain to give better alignment to rejuvenate legs, knees, hips and back. For use in sneakers, sandals and heels – or even barefoot! Sure to cure your customers’ tired, aching feet and invigorate your sales.
Available from Ontel

Grout Bully


"No more scrubbing and cleaning, just apply and wipe off"
Featured on the cover of Taylor Gifts, this item cleans and renews on contact for showroom-new grout in minutes. The secret? A powerful nanotechnology formula that penetrates and eliminates mold, mildew and bacteria, leaving behind clean grout lines every time.
Available from Harvest Direct



"Lets you hang any picture, any object big or small, on any wall in seconds"
Sure to give your sales an insta-boost, this clever product takes the hassle out of hanging pictures, wall decorations, shelving and more. Easy enough for anyone to use, just place flush against the wall, push and hang. No hammers needed!
Available from Hampton Direct

Hot Booties


"A revolution in pure comfort and foot therapy"
Featuring a compelling and highly credible new format for a short-form DRTV spot, this campaign went one step beyond the slipper and created a solution to cold and achy feet. The secret is in the sole filled with natural linseed, which absorbs and holds the heat. Just microwave for 60 seconds for long-lasting soothing heat to treat your feet.
Available from Allstar/Media Enterprises

Sticky Buddy


"The sticky roller you can use for life"
This super sticky lint roller has "the power of glue, without the goo!" Great for pet hair, crumbs, clothing, furniture and more. The rubber fingers reach deep into carpets to remove ground-in messes, and a little soap and water is all it takes to make it sticky again. Good for the environment, great for your customers’ wallets.
Available from Telebrands