Monday, August 6, 2012

My Pillow

"Guaranteed the most comfortable pillow you'll ever own -- or your money back"
The pillow category has been super hot in recent years with plenty of room for multiple products to each find solid success (e.g. Total Pillow, Sobakawa, Side Sleeper Pro). Now comes the one pillow to rule them all, an infomercial sensation that is blowing out despite its higher-than-average price tag.
Available from Telebrands


  1. Can I find there setting "always the pissed pregnant woman with a back that hurts"? It cool is so amazing. But if you want to add it to your room, just visit website and start to feel your back.

  2. It ought to take into consideration an arch in the neck when back dozing and keep your spine straight when on your side. 18 in cushions

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