Wednesday, May 30, 2012


"Walk, stomp or jump and [they] pop to life"
Comfy, fun slippers that will have your customers eager to leave their shoes at the door and cash at your registers! Every time they stomp, stomp, stomp, out pops the face of a favorite plush character -- like the One-Eyed Monster, Be-Bop Bunny, Perky Puppy, Growlin’ Dragon and others. Colorful, soft and built to last! These slippers are a sure cure for boring slippers and sluggish sales.
Available from IdeaVillage

Perfect Tortilla

"The fast, easy way to shape, bake and create delicious tortilla bowls"
Mouth-watering demos show just how incredibly easy this item is to use, making it that much easier to sell. In just five minutes, you get perfectly shaped and baked tortilla bowls. Just place any tortilla in the bowl and pop it in the oven -- it’s that easy! Then fill with steak, peppers and onions for a fantastic fajita bowl. Or fill with lettuce, chicken and cheese for a tasty taco salad. Even ice cream tastes better in a crispy, crunchy tortilla shell! Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.
Available from Allstar

Bright Light Pillow

"24 LED lights provide soothing, perfect light for 15 minutes and then automatically shuts itself off"
Ideal for kids who are afraid of the dark or those that need a little extra coaxing to get into bed. Light colors automatically change from red to blue to white, to green and then yellow, creating a light show inside the pillow! LED lights are guaranteed never to give off heat or burn out. Super comfortable, super cool addition to any room, dorm or camp out. A bright idea for retailers looking for a stellar summer seller!
Available from IdeaVillage


"The professional body art that shines bright day and night"
Simply press on the stencil, apply the patented adhesive, brush in the glitter and then just go with the glow! Shimmer is perfect for ankles, wrists -- even faces and backs. Great for kids’ parties, special events or a night out. Delivers professional-looking body art without the professional price. Sure to add some sparkle to your summer sales.
Available from IdeaVillage