Wednesday, February 8, 2012


"Clean your home in a quicky with the Schticky"
With a commercial that’s already gone viral on the Internet (1.2 million views and counting on YouTube alone), this one is sure to keep your sales 'rolling' throughout 2012. Pitchman Vince Offer brings new life to an old item with his entertaining approach. There are competitors, but this isn't the first time Vince has gone head-to-head. So far he's 2-0, having bested both Zorbeez (the competitor to ShamWow!) and Quick Chop (the competitor to Slap Chop) at retail and on TV.
Available from Emson USA

Strutz Sole Angels

"The human shock absorber that helps alleviate foot pain"
These clever shock absorbers relieve foot pain to give better alignment to rejuvenate legs, knees, hips and back. For use in sneakers, sandals and heels – or even barefoot! Sure to cure your customers’ tired, aching feet and invigorate your sales.
Available from Ontel

Grout Bully

"No more scrubbing and cleaning, just apply and wipe off"
Featured on the cover of Taylor Gifts, this item cleans and renews on contact for showroom-new grout in minutes. The secret? A powerful nanotechnology formula that penetrates and eliminates mold, mildew and bacteria, leaving behind clean grout lines every time.
Available from Harvest Direct


"Lets you hang any picture, any object big or small, on any wall in seconds"
Sure to give your sales an insta-boost, this clever product takes the hassle out of hanging pictures, wall decorations, shelving and more. Easy enough for anyone to use, just place flush against the wall, push and hang. No hammers needed!
Available from Hampton Direct

Hot Booties

"A revolution in pure comfort and foot therapy"
Featuring a compelling and highly credible new format for a short-form DRTV spot, this campaign went one step beyond the slipper and created a solution to cold and achy feet. The secret is in the sole filled with natural linseed, which absorbs and holds the heat. Just microwave for 60 seconds for long-lasting soothing heat to treat your feet.
Available from Allstar/Media Enterprises

Sticky Buddy

"The sticky roller you can use for life"
This super sticky lint roller has "the power of glue, without the goo!" Great for pet hair, crumbs, clothing, furniture and more. The rubber fingers reach deep into carpets to remove ground-in messes, and a little soap and water is all it takes to make it sticky again. Good for the environment, great for your customers’ wallets.
Available from Telebrands