Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Big Items to Kickoff 2012

Now that 2011 is drawing to a close, it's time for our annual look forward at the new items we expect to be hot in 2012. Last year, all four of our hot picks for 2011 (Easy Feet, Aluma Wallet, HD Aviators and Chef Basket) delivered strong sales at retail. So this year, we up the ante by highlighting 12 surefire hits.

Music Bullet

  1. Music Bullet ($19.99, IdeaVillage). “The mini portable speaker that delivers big, quality sound.” There are 300 million iPods and 100 million iPhones in consumers' hands, and now there is a great way for these people to share their favorite music with their friends.
  2. Pedi Spin ($14.99, IdeaVillage). “The automatic callus remover that gives you beautiful, salon-perfect feet.” As we know, the foot category has been a huge success on TV and at retail. This new entry raises the bar on convenience and will re-invigorate sales in the category.
  3. Finishing Touch Diamond ($14.99, IdeaVillage). “Diamond engineered to erase unwanted hair instantly and pain free.” We're excited about this new re-launch and think this one could be as big as the original launch, which sold 10 million units in its first year.

    Roto Punch

  4. Roto Punch ($10, Allstar). “Punch a perfect hole in seconds.” With the weight of consumers fluctuating like the stock market, this product is sure to have huge demand!

  5. Trendy Top ($10, Allstar). “Get that trendy layered look with no bulk.” Women love low-cut jeans but not the embarassment that can go along with wearing them. This fixes the problem with a practical yet stylish solution.

  6. Magic Mesh ($19.95, Allstar). “The new type of screen door that opens easily and then magically closes itself behind you.” Love this product and look forward to using it at my house this spring and summer.

  7. Salon Express

  8. Salon Express ($10, Ontel/Spark). “The easy-to-use, do-it-yourself designer nail kit.” The nail category is ripe for innovation and is especially strong in a soft economy. This product provides a great way to get salon results at an affordable price.

  9. Slushy Magic ($19.99, Ontel). “The super-duper slushy maker that’s frozen fun for everyone.” Americans love slushies and this is the best and easiest way to make delicious slushies at home.

  10. Miracle Socks ($10, Ontel). “The new anti-fatigue compression socks that soothe, massage and energize your feet and legs.” Baby Boomers are the largest buying group in America, and as they continue to age comfort products like this will register big sales.

  11. Lint Lizard

  12. Lint Lizard ($10.99, Telebrands). “Removes dryer lint in hard-to-reach places.” A simple solution to an everyday problem with no good solution. Whenever an innovative product comes along that solves a common problem, it's a guaranteed hit.

  13. Bake Pops ($19.99, Telebrands). “The new scrumptious cake on a pop stick you can take.” Timing a trend correctly is tricky, but this item hits the market at the same time cake pops are becoming very popular.

  14. Slim Away ($10, Telebrands). “The adjustable slimming garment that trims inches off your waist.” Shapewear is one of the hottest retail categories and, since Americans aren't getting any slimmer, will continue to deliver hit after hit.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fast Brite

"The fastest lens rejuvenation kit ever!"
Simply wipe it on, wipe it off and watch as headlights return to a showroom shine. Clean, bright headlights help you see, and be seen, for safer driving. The quick, inexpensive alternative to getting your car detailed or replacing headlights. Professional formula and professional results in less than 30 seconds. A "brite" idea to drive your sales.
Available from Media Enterprises

Furniture Fix

"Lift and fix your sagging upholstery."
Specially engineered panels interlock instantly for a customized lift and fix to sagging upholstery. Simply place it under the cushion for instant firmness. Fits any size and supports heavy use. An all-around winner that will lift and support your sales through the back end.
Available from Hampton Direct

MyZone Headphones

"Enjoy your TV wirelessly without disturbing others!"
This item finally solved an old but pervasive problem using new and improved technology. These innovative headphones use state-of-the-art technology to transmit in full surround sound, up to 100 feet away, even if you're in another room. Installation takes literally seconds and the padded earpieces let you listen in pure comfort. The adjustable headphones can even be used to cancel out annoying sounds and noises. Best of all, only you can hear what's coming through, so you can make it as loud as you like without disturbing anyone, even if they're asleep next to you.
Available from Telebrands

EZ Moves

"Move any piece of furniture in your home by yourself."
Brilliant demos and an ingenious lifting tool make this item hard to resist. It's a furniture moving system that lets you move any piece of furniture, even a fully loaded china cabinet, by yourself quickly and easily. Plus, the ergonomic lifter makes placing and removing the slides a snap. An all-around winner that will keep sales moving.
Available from Allstar

Max Tall

"Look taller instantly!"
Flexible, ultra comfortable orthogel material lift these inserts above the others. These revolutionary inserts instantly give the wearer an extra two inches of height, sure to boost their confidence and retailer sales. One size fits all. Adjustable height levels and perfect for all shoes, boots and athletic wear.
Available from IdeaVillage

Ahh Bra

"It's the AHH heard around the world!"
Seamless, soft and self-adjusting, these bras take women from the office to the gym to a night out. The AhhBra fits all sizes without poking, prodding, or uncomfortable underwire, yet delivers the support women want to look their best. And with 5 million already sold, these little numbers are sure to increase yours. Available from IdeaVillage

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer 2011 Newsletter

In the summer 2011 print newsletter (Issue 20), I wrote about the following items:
  1. Ahh Bra
  2. Max Tall
  3. EZ Moves
  4. MyZone Headphones
Click here to read the archived report.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring 2011 Newsletter

In the spring 2011 print newsletter (Issue 19), I wrote about the following items:
  1. Miyashi Pillow
  2. Wuggle Pets
  3. Half Time Drill Driver
  4. Clean Step Mat
  5. Pedi-Spin
  6. Swivel Store

Click here to read the archived report.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter 2011 Newsletter

In the winter 2011 print newsletter (Issue 18), I wrote about the following items:
  1. Easy Feet
  2. Aluma Wallet
  3. HD Vision Aviators
  4. Chef Basket
I also gave my Top 10 items of 2010. No. 1 was Pillow Pets.

Click here to read the archived report.